Idades preliminares U-Pb (ID-TIMS) das Ilhas Berlengas (Portugal)

Emilio González Clavijo


 Preliminary U-Pb ages of two samples from the Berlengas Islands (Portugal) are presented. In the Farilhão Grande, a deformed, sillimanite-bearing, two-mica granite, which is part of a  metamorphic complex, displays 3 monazite fractions which provide an age of 377 ± 1 Ma, envisaged as a metamorphic age. One zircon fraction with a concordant age of 483 Ma indicates a Tremadoc age of granite. Whether this represents an inherited component of a protolith age remains to be tested. The Berlenga Grande granite provided concordant monazite and zircon with an age of 307,4 ± 0,8 Ma.


Idades, U-Pb, Berlengas, Varisco, Ibéria

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