Geo-Seas: a Pan-European infrastructure for retrieving marine geological and geophysical data

Gabriela Carrara


d geophysical data centres, located in 17 European maritime countries. Within this infrastructure european researchers will be able to locate and access pan-European, harmonised and federated marine geological and geophysical datasets and data products held by the data centres through a single common data portal. The new infrastructure will be available to research communities, and new data products and services will be developed following consultations on research requirements. Geo-Seas will adopt and adapt the existing SeaDataNet ( research infrastructure to handle marine geological and geophysical data, data products and services, creating a joint infrastructure covering both oceanographic and marine geoscientific data. Common data standards and exchange formats will be agreed and implemented across the data centres. Other geological and geophysical organizations will be encouraged to adopt the Geo-Seas protocols, standards and tools.


databases, marine geological data, marine geophysical data, Pan-European infrastructure

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