Mação-Penhascoso laccolith granite: age and its implications (SWCentral- Iberia Zone)

José Manuel Correia Romão, Gregory Dunning, Alberto Marcos Vallaure, Rui Dias, António Ribeiro


The Mação-Penhascoso granite laccolith occurs in the SW border of the Centro-Iberian Zone near its boundary with Ossa Morena Zone. A U/Pb (ID-TIMS) age of “ca 483 Ma” was obtained from magmatic zircon of the main microgranite lithofacies. The Armorican Quartzite Formation (AQF) is bent by the intrusion and disconformably overlain by the Brejo Fundeiro Formation of Oretanian age. This suggests that the AQF, already compacted is of Tremadoc and Upper Cambrian age. We conclude that the AQF facies is diachronous between Upper Cambrian and Arenig from SW to NE across the Iberian Terranes; it was fed from a promontory of a stable and large Gondwana continent.


Iberia, laccolith, stratigraphic and radiometric ages, diachronous.

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