Sub-surface radar imagery of Tróia Peninsula: a complex progradational history

Susana Costas, Luis Rebelo, Fernando Rial, Pedro Brito, Marco Ferraz


Tróia Peninsula represents the northward-end of Tróia-Sines littoral Arc. The evolution of this coastal barrier has attracted the interest of many authors since 1992, who have investigated the evolution of the system based on the analysis of the foredunes. Here, we reconstruct the history of Tróia Peninsula based on the analysis of the internal architecture of the barrier using shallow geophysics. Ground penetrating radar (GPR) profiles across the Peninsula reveal the seaward progradation of this coastal segment. Yet, the record is dominated by beach and foredune scarping evidences documenting the occurrence of successive episodes of coastal erosion.


GPR, Tróia, progradation, dune, beach scarping

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