The nature of the local mantle enrichment beneath Lucky Strike Segment, 37ºN on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Pedro Lopes Ferreira, Bramley Murton, Clive Boulter


It is well documented that the Azores Hotspot has been interacting geochemically with MORB mantle along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR) as far as ~31ºN. However, superimposed on this regional geochemical gradient, local spikes of enrichment are also identified. In this work we will discuss the causes of such local enrichment addressing the role of both the extent of mantle melting and the mantle heterogeneities, taking as an example the lucky Strike Segment (LSS). This discussion will be assisted by the interpretation of trace element and isotopic radiogenic data variation along the MAR in the Azores region coupled with their variation for the LSS.


MORB chemistry, Azores, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, melting degree, mantle heterogeneities

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