Pitfalls and breakthroughs of petrological cooling rates based on mineral diffusion from granulites in Ribeira Belt, Brazil: can garnet – biotite diffusion mechanisms be used for anything?

Telmo Manuel Bento dos Santos, José Manuel Munhá, Paulo Emanuel Fonseca, Colombo Tassinari


The use of software that removes dispersion from petrological cooling rates in migmatites and granulites from Ribeira Belt (Brazil) shows that these results are in broad agreement with thermochronological results based on integration of multiple isotopic systems: a) migmatites cooled rapidly from high temperatures, decreasing cooling rates through time; b) granulites endured low cooling rates at high temperatures, being followed by fast cooling, increasing cooling rates during retrogression.


Petrological cooling rates; Fe-Mg diffusion; Ribeira Belt; charnockites

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