“Programa de Comunicação” do Departamento de Gestão das Áreas Classificadas do Litoral Lisboa e Oeste (ICNB), “Communication Program” of DGAC LLO(ICNB)

Lia Morais Mergulhão, César Monteiro, Manuel Duarte, Sofia Castel-Branco Silveira, Maria de Jesus Fernandes


The "Communication Program” of the Department of Management of Protected Areas  of the Lisbon Coast and West (ICNB) aims to develop a “Draft of Communication, Awareness and Visitation" of the department that integrate, preserve and value their natural heritage, with emphasis on geological heritage and brand identity of the Coast region of Lisbon and West. This project focuses on the component of awareness and development, but is also associated with intervention and rehabilitation, including some of the "Locals of Geology Interest" more relevant in this territory.



Geological heritage, Communication, visitation and geoconservation.

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